About My Eating Space


Healthy Recipes Made with Love……

Welcome to ‘My Eating Space’. I am Anu (Ammu) and my food genes are rooted in the ‘Land of Spices and Coconut trees’, Kerala. I am a food enthusiast with a love for desserts and spices. I am not a great cook or a recipe developer. I had failed in my kitchen, many times, and still do. But I do find time to learn and improve from all my crashes with a great support from my foodie family. Yes, I am the cook, author and photographer behind My Eating Space.

‘My Eating Space’ is all about preparing and sharing healthy recipes. I am focused on green living and avoid using any artificial flavor or color in my recipes.  This is the place where I share reasonable, interesting and delicious recipes, but sometimes I become adventurous trying out new foods. You will see many traditional dishes from my home country as well as international dishes here, all tried and true delicious.

Most of the recipes here use everyday ingredients and is cost effective. As I said, all recipes are healthy made with a pinch of love…

author @ my eating space